I Can't Wait

Text písně I Can't Wait

[Malmsteen / Vescera]

On and on
My world keeps spinnin' round and round
I am so lost since you've gone away

[Chorus 1:]
Day after day I've been tryin'
To find a way to make you see

[Chorus 2:]
I - hate to wonder
Why - you don't realize
I - feel like I could die
Just hold me one more time

I can't wait - not for a lifetime
I can't wait - I've been holding on
I can't wait - Tell me what to do
I'll wait for you

Ooh, it's been so long

I won't last another day

[Chorus 1 & 2]
[Chorus 2]

[Chorus 2 (2)]


Diskografie Yngwie Malmsteen – Yngwie Malmsteen

I Can't Wait (1994)

I Can't Wait (1994)

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