I Got A Problem [Best Buy Bonus Track]

Text písně I Got A Problem [Best Buy Bonus Track]

[Intro: Trina]
Welcome to wonderful sexy wet world of trina

I got a problem (I love to fuck) [x8]

[Verse 1: Trina]
Head fire pussy good and plus I stay wet
Just fuck me earlier in the morning baby that's the best
Just keep it hard for me nigga and let me do the rest
I wanna feel it in my stomach push it my chest
And pin my legs back and make my toes touch my neck
Want you stand up in this pussy and don't you nut yet
I'm a let you work me out gon fuck me make me sweat
Don't take it out just lay in it if you need rest

I got a problem (I love to fuck) [x8]

[Verse 2: Plies]
I wanna lock her up in the crib and fuck her all day
And fuck ya on the couch and eat ya in the hallway
And walk around naked and put the cell phones away
Whenever you want this dick just look at me and say bae
Whenever that pussy get soaked we can call it today
I wanna catch ya on that look and put it on ya ass
And pin yo lil ass up and fuck ya like a mass
I wanna finger you first make ya wanna fuck me bad
Soon as I feel that pussy get wet step on the gas
And I'm a fuck ya from the back but I'm a do it last
I want you to ride me first while I squeeze on ya ass
Whenever you feel that nut comin want you to fuck me fast

I got a problem (I love to fuck) [x8]

[Verse 3: Trina]
Don't just fuck me in the bed do me in the shower
And don't you tease me with that dick want you to fuck me for hours
And when you put me on my side it make me holler louder
And you don't want me to soak up the bed you better fuck me on a towel
Cause I got so much of this good juice built up inside
And we can do whatever you want I just wanna feel you baby
Just thinkin you bout you inside it it got me goin crazy
And whenever you get out this pussy bet you'll call me a lady
And let me lay on my stomach get in yo favorite positon
I might just kiss ya in mouth before you start lickin
I got my legs spread ass up waitin on the dick and
And can't nobody out fuck me I need some competition

All over the house we gon tear it up(hey)
In the kitchen on the countertop knockin over stuff
The livin room the den or even on the stairs(ohh)
In the morning when we dress we can't find our underwear
You got that ooo wee wet as a raindrop the feelin that you give
If my toes pop up
So don't get mad at me girl if I come quick you got to understand you got good shit

I got a problem I love to fuck [x8]


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