Text písně Still Da Baddest

Da bitch is back
I say da bitch is back
Yeah da bitch is back (I got da keys I'm fen to drive come on let's ride)

Back seat Phantom
Dark tents rolled down
Didn't want to see her look at me now

Say she couldn't rap but I'm still here standing
The baddest bitch is what the f**k they yelling

She's not real
That one's fack
I step in da booth kill a track one take
Trina one break I'm so heavy weight
Look at the map, I'm from the gun shake state

Don't ne bitch want it
Bitch tighten up
Only bitch with a deal
Slip n slide what
Swam across the Atlantic, back stroked back
Just mark my words I'm a take that back

Gon burn des charts
Stack evry lock
Gon grace evry cover
Dis bitch here hot
To give you all a lesson
Let me put it on the dresser
Where I put my damn shoes I will not lose

Ya'll gon learn to respect the queen yestrday it was all a dream [x2]
I'm still da baddest bitch ah [x2]


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