Jewellers & Bums

Text písně Jewellers & Bums

Check into a car wash, eat out at Bowlmore 
Go buy a rose at the movies on a train 
Get married by a biker, go hang a priest 
Walk tall with a dwarf and you'll find relief 

Leaning strategically on a Desoto at muscle beach 
A four thousand car pile up made the freeway screech 
Not talking about rubber but stereos 
And the loudest one drilling was for Oreos 

Where was I gonna find you, 
Where was I supposed to look? 
In some glittering diamond in the vallay 
Or in the harpoons or your opium hooks? 

Standing in line renting a toothpick 
There were three armed raids on the bank 
And would there be a kiosk at the gates of heaven 
For sinners like me and Hank? 

Saturday night you were dreaming city hospital 
The band set up in the morgue 
And while you was doing the dishes White Sergeant 
You cut your feet on the swords


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