Sikorsky Parts

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Somebody call an ambulance
There's no waiting allowed

Can't you read the sign? 
No broken hearts allowed, six to twelve
Twenty-eight to an elevator
That's you and nobody else

Don't ring the next car, don't touch that, it's city rain
And nobody in the apartment as the million dollar call was made

Mapping out a life around these insects keeps me on the go
Bells ring expecting you to answer yes or no

Locomotive shuffles nose to bumper kissing all the way
You could get yourself killed, 
Watch out skip! 
Don't you worry about today, no

Can't you see I'm twisted?I don't dig donuts dig Perry Como
Collect wheel nuts eat polyester 
And have electronic fireside dinners yeah

How come the lights dim every time I plug you in?
How come the lights shout every time I pull you out?

Standing there in the living room
You can hear the cars on the freeway 
Going zoom zoom zoom boom boom boom

Doing a dance called the robocop this gesture means I love you
Oh don't you sneeze on my Cannonball Adderly LP's or CD's

Go through changes dye your hair the color of strangers
Mail order breakfast and sign yourself Noriega and his Rangers

Go to college and acknowledge some respect
For the knowledge
Above all keep an alibi, a rented room
And a car full of gas
Inside keep a purple dressing gown
And fridge full of guns and cash

A man in a wheelchair yells Shoot! Shoot! Kill!
No no my brother, not on Blueberry Hill

Somebody call an ambulance. 
There's no waiting allowed


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