Text písně Lucky Day

Straight up right ya know
 I love ya tho
 If your man ain't takin care of ya girl don't worry
 I'm exactly whatcha lookin' for
 1-800 Mr. Lovah
 Dig dat

 Are you looking for a man to make you lose control?
 A man who when you need a friend will fill that roll
 Be a life blanket when you're feeling cool
 Girlfriend this is your lucky day
 They don't call me Mr. Lover coz I like ice cream
 I am Mr. Lover coz I fulfill dreams
 When last your man made you moan & scream?
 Girlfriend this is your lucky day

 Well, who's gonna take the heat?
 A lot of fellows ___ show indeed
 But have you ever wondered why a woman will cheat
 It takes a real man to make a woman complete
 Fellahs out dere acting like their on speed
 But slower can be better if you wanna succeed
 Listen to your woman & ask what she need
 Sometimes it can be better if u follow her lead

 You have a man
 ___ that he's known
 So if he's all of that
 Then why are you on my phone?
 Could it be that deep down you're feeling all alone
 Something's telling me things aren't really great at home
 You say you got a man
 Well let's see what that means
 Let's see, he pays your bills, he buys your stuff, you keep him clean
 What does he tell you stuff to make you feel like a queen?
 It takes more than money girl to feel like a queen

 Love making should be fun
 The lady should be satisfied before you're up & done
 Ladies if your man is one who love to jump the gun
 Let him go & call me later
 Let a real lover show you how it's done girl

 Chat bout
 If yah man don't deal wid yuh right, call me
 I'll give ya what yah missin' ya know
 U no haffa worry
 U need a real Jamaican ___ yah dig dat!
 Nothing like ya conconut lovah
 Talk to me gurl


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