Text písně Strange Love

You see this love that we have is a love that no one will understand unless they're in it, yah know
 So we mash up
 So we mek up
 So we love up

 We break up
 We mek up
 Some folks won't think that's fine

 But that's when
 You give me
 That love that blows my mind
 That good love you give
 That makes mi scream your name out loud

 Let's breakup
 Then mek up
 Tek mi to the clouds

 Everything I do yah know it's all about you
 Got to trust this feeling cause this feeling is true

 Your sex appeal is ___
 I don't wanna see reality if this is what it's like to be in love
 In other words it means that I'm mad happy that we
 Are fortunate to finally discover and s
 That love can feel like a bird
 This ride/vibe is not a vibe that one can describe with words

 Always try to tell me this feeling I feel
 Is to good to be so this feeling ain't real
 They look at us and swear we must be mad
 They'd have to be in our shoes to understand the love that we have

 Love that's unconditional thru struggles and pain
 ___ affections thru the storms and rain

 Your love completes my life
 And if I'm ever gonna settle then you'd have to be my

 Gal you like when Mr. Lovah rock yah spot
 Hardcore ___
 Excess amount of love you get it non-stop

 Come let me love yah up right round deh clock
 So if I put it ___
 Nuff of dem who not got wah we got

 Strange love
 Solid like a rock

 Girl let me love you up right round deh clock
 Baby make mi scream your name

 Make me wanna go insane
 Feelings running thru my veins
 Strange love is the sweetest pain
 Baby make mi wanna scream your name

 Make mi wanna go insane

 Feelings running thru my veins
 Strange love is the sweetest pain.


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