Text písně Morbid Sky

[Jackie Leven sings]
In my head morning never comes.
Sadly we go never to come back again.
Them days I feel like a motherless child...
I feel like a motherless child marking time under a morbid sky.

The heart is a lonely man.
My hands stretch out to you then roll back again.
Somehow I know you & I were never meant to be.
You & I are like flowers under a morbid sky.
You & I are strangers under a morbid sky,
marking time under a morbid sky.

slowly we dance,
turning, waltzing.
Waltz across to Texas.
Waltz by the sea.
"Oh, liar."
I heard only raindrops bursting in the dust.
Bursting in the dust.

In my head the morning never comes.
Though we wait daylight never shows,
marking time,
marking time under a morbid sky.

[David Thomas speaks]
Here's the big sky
howlin big wave
I saw it comin

[Bob Holman adds]
Here's where the sun comes in: a glowing gas & heat, a cauldara in a universal volcano. And here's where the sun steps out: your dancing partner, your collar, your grandparents' last breath, the neverending night of slight breeze.


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