Text písně Nowheresville

[David Thomas speaks]
Ya see it everywhere,
out there in the middle of nowhere
abandoned gas stations
forlorn handcrafted theme parks
Rattlesnake World
Motel Dust
Cafe Despair
And you ask yourself
Why did anyone ever think to build that thing out here?
You look around and you don't see anyone
It's trailsign, you say to yourself
There's been something broken pass thru here[Linda Thompson & David Thomas sing]
"I found my thrill in Nowheresville"

Mayor calls just to ask me my will.
Chief of police says,
"Do not fret yourself there's no one got killed around here.
"There's nothing here that we will not fix for you.
"No one's to blame when your eyes have played tricks on you."

"I found my thrill in Nowheresville"

Somebody saw her down by the river,
crying aloud about an indian giver
"Don't you do what I have done.
"I stood on my pride;
"I played deaf & dumb in Nowheresville.
"Nowhere I go gets me farther from...
"Nowhere I go gets me farther from Nowhere."

1957, New Mexico. Small town. Man walks down a street, street without shadows. Man has a dream and it's his shadow. He has a fear and it is his shadow. His dream is his wife. His wife is the one fear in his life. Has one dream, it's his one fear. He's afraid that she will leave him. As the story turns out he's right.

That day the sun is like a broken lamp that buzzes too loud and shines too bright. In this man's life everywhere hurts. Suddenly the place he's heading to doesn't seem to be so important. He stops at a bar where the air is dark and the nagging at the back of his neck is quiet. He watches the top of his beer and waits. He hears talk going round, how they're gonna build a highway down the valley.

"All the world needs to go," he thinks to himself. "All the world and his brother needs to be free." If I can build myself a gas station out there where they're gonna put that superhighway I will become a successful man. And a woman will love a successful man. I will build her a house on a hill. I will build her a swimming pool round back and she will dangle her lovely legs in the water where she can see herself reflected and see how beautiful she is and know how much I love her. And the sun will flash in the water beside her face and she will smile as my shadow falls across her.

This is the song the man sings one starry night as he sits on the porch of his Heartbreak Garage, watching the lights of the superhighway that they built on the far side of the ridge.

People say,
I wonder why?
Why do the stars twinkle in the sky?
Why do lovers ever have to say goodbye?
People say,
I wonder why?

People say,
I wonder how?
How do men & women ever get along?

People say,
I wonder where?
Where do the broken-hearted ever find to park their cars?
People say,
I wonder where?

So many broken-hearted people,
nowhere to go to.
Man thinks to himself,
"You know, a person with insight could take this,
seize, seize this business opportunity."
Thinks about that.
Thinks to himself,
"If I build it they will come."
Where do the broken-hearted park their cars?
Mystery Road
Down Mystery Road,
again and again.


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