Shadows On The Face / Memphis

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[Bob Holman speaks]
So the General connects us all up with the fabric of his interstate system, that's the country's grid. Always a way home, to the next town, next county, next state-- all looping back to reveal your home, home... wherever, and Jack's golden smile, as if goin somewhere there was somewhere to go, to get there, to stay there just long enough to fill up the tank with truth and a side order of possibility, rolling towards dawn in the land of the free and the light crackin sweet Pancake Summit! You can go on to Ruth if you like, she's always in...

[David Thomas adds]
There's a town I know
where you can see shadows pass across the face of the neon land
It's sort of an elephant's graveyard kind of a town
You go to lay your bones down there
with the bones of the ancestors
You go to lay your bones down

[Bob Holman continues]
Ghosts in the valley near Ely. Hamilton: 45 mile west, $9 million worth of silver ore, 19 hunnert and 55. Dont miss the White Pine Public Museum and General Store in Ely with its collection of historic items and minerals. Ride the Ghost Train of Old Ely at the Nevada Northern Railway Museum, sixteen miles south of the Ward Charcoal Ovens Historic State Monument. And when the comets dust off the night you can hightail it up in The South Snake Range where the craggy mountains and dry sagebrush alternate in a continuous, almost monotonous pattern: pinyon, juniper, woodlands, aspen, manzanita. Night put on its enormous hat & began to imitate me behind my back. I whirled around so quickly I walked right out of there & kept walking. Night set out after me, calling. But I was so cool. I just kept on walking & walking. To this very day walking.


[Robert Kidney sings]
In the ghost town that's inside of my heart
all your downtown is parking lots
At the drug store at 9th & Payne
they stock my bitter pills
They say, "Will we see you again next Tuesday?"
"What more can we do for you, Mr Johnson, sir?"
Pass the word around them golden pools
I've been elected King of Fools

And at the barber shop, they never close
They cut your hair and they shine your suit
They say, "You look fine."
"Mister, you look smart."
"We can tell how well you play the part."
Pass the word around them golden pools
I've been elected the King of Fools.

And the coffee shop is open all night,
Cafe Delight,
and I pass through to say my prayers.
All this rain & black coffee,
and I stub out my cigarette,
and I step outside for a breath...
the rain turns the street to fire.

Pass the word around them golden pools
I've been elected the King of Fools

Down at the city hall the mayor hands me the key.
He said, "Take a look around; make yourself at home."
"Everything that we do for you is our pleasure."
In the ghost town inside my heart
all your downtowns are parking lots.


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