Remember Why

Text písně Remember Why

I see the future coming
I'll tell you what's to be
A life turns into another
But no more I can't see
And I hold your hand

You said you'd never leave him
But now you let him go
Someday he will forgive you
And stop to suffer so
A storm arrives with thunders
The end arrived with smiles
A life inside another
Has made its ways through cries
And I hold your hand
Yes, I hold your hand...

Somedays we're covered up in sorrow
But still we're standing here
Sometimes this life's too short
to understand
Someone, oh, please just let me borrow
A little courage for my fears at night...
Don't drift into a state of sadness
Making something never seen
Look under every stone along the way
Whatever happens, use your power,
Don't surrender to your fears at night...

So, turn around,
Keep on moving now
Hiiting every single road
Just keeping on running on and on and on...

Running on and on we face our fears
I remember why
And though the dangers run so near,
A rainbow fills the sky
The freedom lies over our heads
We must live before we die
Believe me, I remember why!

There's a way
To melt down your frozen heart
Just keep on living
Cause inside, your will
Never dies! Oh, no!


Diskografie Andre Matos – Andre Matos