Text písně Rio

Sometimes the Universe
Fits inside my world
There's nowhere else to be
And no place to return
The power in my hands
Let law be made by force
At times my conscience speaks
But now it's more and more
The day I'm waiting for...

...Is in the air I breathe
Fine and strong and pure,
Out in the sea beneath,
The mountains and the shore
Inside this picture
A city made by God
Irrational progress
But now it's more and more

Today the skies are blue
I hold the sun tight in my arms...

Rio,falling apart
Someday I will die for you
Never,never give it up
One day I will die for you
In your arms!

I see my universe
Grow larger than before
Maybe it's just because
Nobody cared to shut the door!

I'm locked inside your arms,
The key is in my soul
There is no true scape
So here's where I belong
I look around and see
A city made by God
I used to be free
But now I am no more!

Together we are strong
Let's make the future
Built on dreams!!

Rio falling apart (...)

To play with desire
Is playing with fire
Right from the start!


Diskografie Andre Matos – Andre Matos