Text písně Reward

(Basia Trzetrzelewska & Danny White)
Father I didn't really know you
Mother you are so very far away from me
Hopeless birthdays made me cry
My heart kept saying: It's all right
Obviously that's how it was meant toe
Now I know
There was a reason for it all
And I am not lonely anymore
I got my reward
That's why I am loved
I have you
A lover and a friend
You are everything I need
You are the sun the air I breathe
Without you, life wouldn't be the same
Please never go away
And if you go then don't forget to take me with you
The love that I gave was used against me
Honesty seemed a foreign and old-fashioned word
Maybe I just don't understand
'cause I'm a stranger in this land
Even friends failed to make me feel at home
Now I know
There was a reason for it all...
Jestes moja nagroda
You are my reward


Basia Trzetrzelewska

66 let, zpěvačka, skladatelka, písničkářka

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