Stand Tall

Text písně Stand Tall

[Ice Cube] 
Now is the time... 
C'mon y'all 

Stand tall, live your life to the limit 
Cause haterism seem like a fucking epidemic 
And look at Ice Cube, I ain't no gimmick 
I'm straight from the hood, I got to represent it 
Now - every day I think about my color 
And all the crazy shit we do to one another 
I ain't your blood brother, but I'm your cuz brother 
Let's take it back to the love and how it was brother 
If not, we gon' pull these triggers 
Show the world we deserve to be called niggaz 
I make a fuck-up, like Don Imus 
bow on his knees, and call me yo' highness 
You can too, you got the power to 
Don't let this motherfuckin system devour you 
I won't pretend, or act like I'm knowin you 
But check it out I understand what you goin through 

[Chorus: sung from samples] 
But remember, brothers and sisters 
You can still, stand, tall 
Just be thankful... 
For what you got 

[Ice Cube] 
I know what y'all motherfuckers thinking, heh heh 
Here comes another rapper with a song about hope 
All you wanna hear is a song about dope 
And how a nigga got mo' money than the Pope 
But he'll never tell you when he drop the soap 
No~! Ice Cube is here to drop you a note 
Cause some of our folk used to hang from ropes 
And some of our people used to hang from trees 
Now the only thing hangin muh'fucker is DEEZ 
So, get your mind right, and I'ma rhyme right 
Fuck the limelight, and a blind dyke 
I'm the sunlight, too bright to look 
When it's all said and done I should write the book 
You too cool for school, too old to know? 
Get your ass off the grassroots and let 'em grow 
I understand, it ain't no love lost 
But little kids, it ain't no Santa Claus 


[Ice Cube] 
Yeah, f'real 
I was born in the mud but I came out clean 
That's 'til the government tried to intervene 
Tried to lock me up when I was only 19 
Don't never ever ever let 'em kill your dream 
I make shit raw that piss off the law 
If you want some fake shit turn this off 
If you want some realness I know you can feel this 
Maybe we can heal this just like an illness 
Black on black, I got'cho back 
People don't think that we know how to act 
Just because our neighborhood is filled with crack 
And the CIA, won't take it back 
Never on top, always on the bottom 
Never put your trust in Hillary Rodham 
Cause I can tell you now it's gon' turn out rotten 
Keep on pushin, get 'em 'til we got 'em 


[Ice Cube] 
Stand up, f'real... 
Raise your hand if you sick of this bullshit 
Heh, in the belly of the evil empire [fades]


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