Why Me?

Text písně Why Me?

[Ice Cube ad libs and shouts for first 20 seconds] 

[Ice Cube] 
Why the fuck you wanna murrr-dah me? 
Your punk ass never heard of me 
I never did nuttin to your family 
Still you wanna kill a young nigga randomly 
You wanna take the life God handed to me 
Send it back to him cause you ain't a fan of me 
Scary bitch with a gun that ain't a man to me 
That's a animal, a fuckin cannibal 
I'm Geronimo and Hannibal, with international 
gangster pull, I'm a bull in Barcelona 
with a Corona, youse a fake-ass nigga 
Where's your owner? I'm a real live man 
You a persona, now I'm a goner 
Call my momma, and the coroner 
Mr. Gun Man, your plan is workin 
Cause niggaz is dyin, and mommas is hurtin 

[Chorus - sung] 
Why you wanna murder me? You never ever heard of me 
You don't know who I am, I could be part of your family tree 
Now - sent by G-O-D, to save the world, you & me 
You never know who you facin, who you chasin, the life you wastin 

[Ice Cube] 
I was made by the one and only G-O-D 
To take my life, to the T-O-P 
Now here comes a motherfuckin D-O-G 
who ain't happy 'til a nigga is R.I.P. 
Tryin to be somethin he saw on BET 
Either T.I.P., or B.I.G. 
I don't give a fuck what you saw on TV 
but a one-eight-seven don't make an O.G. 
I'm an O.G., never had to fake it 
God gave me this, how you gon' take it? 
What'chu gon' tell 'em, when you get to heaven 
and he asks you why did you send back his present? 
Who the fuck are you~? You motherfuckin peasant! 
Even got the nerve to ask the man for a blessing 
Send his ass to Hades with his big Mercedes 
Nigga hell on earth is bein stuck in the 80's 


[Ice Cube] 
Before you shoot me man think about it 
Let's go have a drink about it 
Before you make a stink about it 
Man let's talk about it maybe we can walk up out it 
But just don't be a coward 
And take my life, cause you got the power 
of the white man's gunpowder 
Cause you might face a gun tower 
And time never run out 
They take the fun out, 'til your life run out 
So don't pull the gun out 
If you ever want a house just like Run's house 
It's better than the big house 
Let's go find some women we can dig out 
Find a place we can pig out 
Party all night 'til the owner say get out 


[Ice Cube] 
Dedicated to all the niggaz 
That's dead and don't know why 
Who wanna look at the nigga who shot 'em 
And ask these questions 
Why me homey, why me?


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