Wedding Day

Text písně Wedding Day

Wonder how long it will take. 
 For this heart of mine to break 
 There's I watch you walk away. 
 This was to be our wedding day. 
 I won't hear the choir sing. 
 While I hold your golden ring. 
 Might as well throw it away. 
 With my dreams of wedding day. 
 Oh, oh, oh, oh.
 Oh, oh, oh, oh. 

 Oh to hold you in my arms again. 
 I watched my whole world fade away. 
 On this our wedding day. 
 Who was right and who was wrong, 
 Makes no difference when you're all alone. 
 As I watch you walk away. 
 Goodbye darling, goodbye wedding day.


Diskografie Roy Orbison – Roy Orbison