Text písně You Crash My Heart

I always wonder why your heart
Is always hard like a stone
You know that you are in love
But your prie doesn't let you to show your emotion
All day I'm singing here
And my inspiration is your eyes
I will never forget, what your stony heart did to me

Don't you talk to me
Don't talk, don't speak
I don't wanna hear a word from you
Everytime you speak
You go and crash my heart to two
Each word of you is punch of pain for me

Don't you come to home
Don't move, no step
I don't wanna see you next to me
All my life, on my own
I built this heart for lovin' be
Each kiss from you is kiss of death for me

From the beginning
I wanted to throw away the pain of your love
I knew there is some magic in your lovely eyes
I knew I will fall in love with you
And you will leave me
I knew I will stay all alone
And I will die by my own


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