Finally Made It (Interlude)

Text písně Finally Made It (Interlude)

It's not all about the money

(It's not all about the money).

Cause I love what I'm doing for the people.

(I really love doing my job, I really do).

Don't know were I would be if this didn't happened.

(You know...)

But I finally made it...

(A lot of us don't graduate from high school. A lot us don't get a chance at being a superstar. A lot us don't get a chance

to fulfill our dreams and I'm thinking like God! If I wasn't doing this what would I be doing? Probably like braiding hair.

Working at a super market. You know? Just hustling two jobs you know what I mean? At least trying to live.)

La, la, la, la

(I lost so much you know? I lost so, so much over the years cause like it's amazing how when you decide that you wanna do

the right thing. When I say I "Finally Made It" I don't mean like successfully, or wit money, I mean like...

I'm spiritually successful right now. You know like trying...)

Never give up, never give up, never, never give up, never give up...

(I'm on my way to like... A place were I know... I never dreamed were I would be and that's perfection... I'm striving for

that... I don't think no one can ever be perfect, I'm striving again, striving against all things... So what I'm saying to

all my fans is... If I can do it... I know ya'll can do it too...)


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