Special Part of Me

Text písně Special Part of Me

You know when you...

Finally find that person that...

makes you feel like you're really alive

Like you're somebody, like you mean something to the world...

Feels so good to be loved

Yes it does



Feels so good to see

You right here with me

Safe is what I feel when you're around

(uh hu)

Strong but sensitive

Whne you're touching me

The simple things from you is what I need...

You will always be a special part of me

Boy you make me feel like someone does love me

I'm in love

No one ever gave me what you did to me

You turned the little girl into the woman I should be

I'm in love...

Boy you really turn me on

Even when something's wrong

Is there anything that I can do for you (baby)

I just wanna comfort you

There's nothing I'd rather do

You make me feel so good I wanna cry

All the time...

[Repeat Chorus]

Baby hold me

(Baby hold me)

Don't let go of me

(Don't let go of me baby, baby)

Baby hold me

(Boy you better hold me)

Don't let go of me

(Don't let goooooo)

Baby hold me


Don't let go of me

(Don't let go, don't let gooooo)

Baby hold me

(Oh baby hold me)

Don't let go of me

(Don't let go, you....)

[Repeat Chorus]


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