Love At First Sight


Text písně Love At First Sight

(feat. Method Man)

[Mary J. Blige]

Lookin' at you from a distance

Gettin' all of my attention

Could this be love at first sight, baby

You walked away and I missed you

Visions of wanting to kiss you

How could this be if I don't really know you?

Ohh baby, baby

[Chorus - Mary J. Blige:]

Could it be love at first sight?

And I never knew that I, could fall in love on the very first night

Could this be love?

[Mary J. Blige]

You had on the latest fashion

It was a bigger attraction

It drew me closer and closer to you, yeah, baby

I never done anything like this

But you I just could not resist

I swallowed my pride and stepped to your side

Or could it be - be

[Hook: Mary J. Blige]

I wanna know if you could call me up (could you call me up sometime? please)

And maybe someday we just might hook up, could this love at first sight?

[Method Man]

Once again, it's that other M&M now

How many women feelin' him?

Somebody call the coroner, quick, Mary is killin 'em

Tell 'em what's the 411 and who came runnin'

When Clef dialed 911 from shots comin'

This somethin' for the radio, guest starring M.C.

Johnny Blazin' the hip hop and R&B

What, ya'll thought ya wasn't gon' see me

You can't spell Mary J. Blige without a J.B.

Well back to the matter, and it's sex on the platter

She only wanna be happy and I ain't mad at her

You go momma, nowadays, I'm more calmer

And if you take a look at my life, no more drama

Now you know, you searchin' for a Wu-Tang pro

You find me, just bout everywhere the poontang go

Now you know, feel me like your favorite love song

Cuz my computer love is the

[Chorus 2X]


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