Text písně Lost Control

you were out thereand I thought that you werefor the askingI've never been unfairbut I was looking for a lovethat would be everlasting

three years of takinganything that I could finda one night stand -- you understandwasn't what I had in mindbelieve me that I lost controlI wanted you and that wasall that really matteredoh, I lost controlI couldn't tell this whole worldhad shatteredlover, I could seewas what you whipped on meand I lost my control

now he was your manhe had his faultsbut you done your best to stick by himbut then one daybam! bam! he shot you downwithout anyone around whowould try him

three years of takinganything that he could finda one night stand he didn't understandit wasn't what you had in mindand I believe youlost controlyou ran to me and it feltlike a whole new feelingyou lost controlyou had an open woundand I was so good at healingbut all you could seewas the good side of meand you lost control

no considerationwe couldn't help ourselves insideit was a sorry situationand he came to me one nightand he criedhe said you cut me worse -- ow!than any woman ever hurt a manI said, my man, I'm real sorrybut that was not my planand I just believe

(you see this is what really happened)

I just lost control -- that's what I didI just lost controlmy whole world had turned aroundand you were runnin' freewhen you came to meoh we tried -- we tried our best


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