Text písně The End

he says he doesn't careto the girl with the painted hairand staggers through the angry crowdlike it isn't therefeels like a wall of soundas he crashes downno one stops to look when he hits the ground

we're the nouveau richon a one way tripliving out on a razor's edgejust to get our kickswe're gonna take a standtill the world is in our handsand if we win or losewe don't give a damn

hollow people living empty liveslooking vacant in the neon lightswho needs the truthwhen you can live a lie?can't stop now, it's too late'cos we're running blindtill the end comes like a thunderand we all fall underno one gives a damncome on now, let's meet the end

he tries to make it homehead like a block of stonehis eyes are so closed up nowhis arm so full of dopethere is nowhere to runhe cries out but no one comesin the back of some dark alleyhe dies alone

hollow people living empty liveshearts feel nothing in the neon lightsfeelings here are so cheap these daysthey don't mean a thingno one really careswhether we lose or if we winyeah -- we're the angry youthdon't wanna be like youyeah -- we're the nouveau richeyeah -- we gotcha in our gripthere's no escape for you'cos we're running blind

yeah, we're the angry youthdon't wanna be like youwe've got your bridges crossedwe won -- you lostit's the end


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