Takin' The Easy Way Out


Text písně Takin' The Easy Way Out

you contendthat you'll never got back to her againyou're as free as a night without endso you tell your friendsjust what you had to endurewhen you told her never, never againand as the room about you starts to bendyou pretend

that you've taken the easy way outthough you know ehn you told her last nightyou were fakin' the easy way outwith one hand reachin' fo the doorbut your feet weren't movin'they were nailed to the flooras she told you once morethere's no easy way to get out

she's not like youshe'd rather stay at home'n' not get the bluesand if you ever do try to intrudeshe's so respectfully rudeso it was hard to believelast night while you were drunk 'n'threatening to leavethat she walked through the door with such ease'n' threw you the key

and she's takin' the easy way outand you're alone with no number to callshe's taken the easy way outwith one hand reachin' for the doorand you so speechlessmarooned on the floorshe walked out of your lifecouldn't stand it no morenow you're all on your own'cos she's taken the easy way out

you know she's taken the easy way outoh, but your pride will only admit to a lieyeah, she's taken the easy way outbut, to your friendsyou're the hero of the nightdrowning with beef all the tears in your eyeshopin' it don't show that you're dyin' inside'cause you can't quite believethat she's taken the easy way out

there's no goin' back nowstuck here on your ownlookin' for a homedrunk and on the streetsstuck on your feet


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