Again & Again

Text písně Again & Again

Unlocking metaphors
 Caches that were safe before
 Lost their secrets to the wind

 It isn't everyday
 You can see the other face
 Watching you i'm watching me who could this be

 Your wounds begin to sing
 Red melodies that sting
 Like ice bury me twice

 Running from the heat from the lines that break me
 I'll give another try

 Fallen angel
 Your terminal high
 Feeding the hunger of your sky
 Take all the poison that i give
 Just to live
 For the feeling
 Use me again

 Your stuck in a centerfold
 Written in capitals
 Bake the time talking through wine

 Young boys that you tantalize
 Sipping on your pretty eyes
 But you kill just to feel real

 Lately on this vine the showers have been steady
 Are you ready for this flight?


Diskografie Skylar Grey – Skylar Grey