Text písně Heavy

Now i've come to cry
 Shed your skin to rest my naked eye
 And criticize
 All that i implore
 Seems to be one foot outside that door
 Coming between me and waking

 Underneath the corset of your mystery
 Piece by piece undress you from your history
 I'm sleeping with seclusion in sweet disarray

 You can go heavy on me
 And i will not weigh you down, down, down
 You can be steady and clean
 I can take it
 Heavy on me
 And i will not weigh you down

 Born unto this pride
 Silence is something you can't hide
 You can't
 Nothing has been said
 Yet so many words have filled my head
 Now they completely surround me

 Tie the lines of honest conductivity
 Caught between the center of our gravity
 I don't have that much time to burn anymore


Diskografie Skylar Grey – Skylar Grey