Candy Maker

Text písně Candy Maker

Made for what you're given
 What did they make me for
 All my humble arts are just a part
 Of why I stand here now

 I have never doubted
 The one thing I know for sure
 Through the cold and oh the angry war
 I bet my life on you

 I'm just a candy maker 
 Saving the best for you
 Strong sherry wine
 and bourbon divine too

 Now I lay my stories
 And all the seasons I've seen
 From golden fields
 And steering wheels
 To sleep inside our daughters

 So it goes on like a river
 Fed by the melting snow
 Any moment though
 So long ago
 Can hold a place behind every face

 I'm just a candy maker
 With hands of a thousand wounds
 Long will they last 
 when my time has past onto you

 Here I go again
 Melting down the days
 To work the music in

 You're just a candy maker
 Saving a taste of truth
 The one thing I know
 Is it's you that I owe 
 Everything to


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