Like Blood Like Honey

Text písně Like Blood Like Honey

You want to catch your breath you want to get out
 But as you surface you don't really know how
 How to live upon the solid ground
 Sometimes it's easier to let yourself drown

 Love is
 Thick like
 Blood like

 You cannot spell it out there are no words
 Mrs johnson never taught me those verbs
 On how to give myself and how to receive
 It is something that's inside of you and me

 Love is
 Thick like
 Blood like

 Forget everything you ever learned
 No one listens when you want to be heard
 Just bleed the bittersweet

 Seven sunrises and seven more nights
 You'd think that we could learn to do it right
 If nothing changes then i'm gonna stop
 But do i really have a choice?
 I think not


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