I Love You

Text písně I Love You


All those pretty memories,

I know you can hear me now

For the record,

I love you, I love you


[Verse 1]

When I found out that you were leaving me,

I couldn't sleep thinking about

All the things that we've been through

Now all that I want to do

Is tell you that I, (I)

Miss much...

(You know I really really miss you...)

[Verse 2]

Now that I'm on my own

I know that in time I'll find somebody new

(Who'll treat me better than you)

So I'll go all alone without you

But I still love you

You know I'll never live without you

I wish you'd change your ways soon enough

So we can be together

You just don't understand good enough

But now all we have is memories...

Memories we shared

No one else could compare

Ohh, I miss you, I miss you

Oh I miss you

...of the way we used to be,

Oh, those pretty memories


I miss you...

I miss you...

Oh, I miss you...



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