I'm the Only Woman

Text písně I'm the Only Woman


I'm the only woman you need

I'm the only woman you need

Only one you need take me

Don't be a fool like you have me

If you want to be happy

I'm the only woman you need

All you have to do is trust me

Never have to be sad again

Cause I'll always be your friend

[Verse 1]

I gave my heart to you

What more can I do

To show you how much I care

About you and all the little things you do

But see all I ask is that you make me feel like

I'm somebody

All day, all day, everyday, give your lovin' away


Baby, can't you see

If we should part

That all my days of loving you

You know they weren't that hard

That's why I'm saying I gotta be strong

[Verse 2]

I know that I was wrong

For all that carryin' on

But are you gonna hold this

Against me for life

You know all I wanted to do is be your wife

And make you happy

If you really don't want me (want me)

I wish you'd let me know

And I will go so far away

I can not stay

If you don't want me to, I can

Be a fool for you no more (I don't think so)

You see I tried

Tried to please you

The best way I know how

And I never decieved you

If only we could trust each other

Stop thinking foolish things

I don't want another lover


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