No One Else

Text písně No One Else

[Verse 1]

Many have called but the chosen are few

The best of the few is you

You know exactly what to do

Baby, your time is so perfect

Why in the hell I deserve it

Keep on doin' what you do

No one else

No one else

Can do me like you do me

No one else

No, no one else

Can do me like you do me

[Verse 2]

Happy 1 plus happy 1 is 2

Happy 2 is me and you

Our love was meant to be

Yes, we have our up's and down's

But some how we came around

And we made each other love so free


Can't lie

Now I'm satisfied

Yes I'm satisfied

Even when I cry

Won't stray

Stray away from you

I would be a fool

You know these words are true

[Repeat bridge]

[Chorus and adlib until fade]


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