You Gotta Believe

Text písně You Gotta Believe

Mmmm, Mmmm

oh, you must believe, you must believe

Hey yeah

You gotta believe

Gotta believe, gotta believe in me

You gotta believe in me

(gotta believe me)

That I won't never hurt you


[Verse 1]

I told you once before

That I love you

And I need you

But let me tell you once again

You were my closest friend

I'll never leave you

So hold me tight

All through the night

Caress me with your tender care

Anytime or anywhere

[Big Bub & Faith Evans]

Anytime, anywhere

I will go with you anywhere

(Please won't you trust me babe)

Won't you trust in me baby

Stay with me (stay, death do us part)

Till death do us part

You'll always be (oh, oh) right in my heart

Won't you please stay with me

Baby please believe in me (please believe in me)



Mary, Mary, I hear you loud and clear

Why don't you believe in me

Tell me why you don't see

That you can put your trust in me

And let me lead the way

Please baby take my hand

I don't need another man

But if you wanna hold on tight

You can not be afraid

[Faith Evans]

Take Me boy by the hand (take me)

Let me make you understand

(Make you understand)

That I can never let you down

Baby just believe in me


Please believe

Yeah, yeah

You gotta believe

Whoa, oh yeah


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